Set Up

The FlowBar is small and lightweight. It assembles and snaps apart in seconds, making it ideal for storage and travel.

Set Up Instructions:

Step 1

Lay the FlowBar and center strap on a flat surface. Ensure the center strap and side straps are not twisted. Slide the loop at the end of the center strap through the unclasped center bar. Clasp the center bar together and ensure the clip is securely fastened.

Step 2

Place the longer end of the center strap over the top of the door. Adjust to the correct height for the exercise you wish to perform. The door must be securely pulled shut towards you before performing any exercises.

Step 3

Close the door carefully so the main strap remains securely in place over door. Ensure the FlowBar is on the side of the door that pulls shut toward you for optimum safety.

*Always keep your feet planted on the ground.
*Always check with your doctor or physician before starting any exercise program.